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The Ins & Outs Of Laying Down Artificial Grass

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

For those who wish to have a luscious green lawn all year round, the concept of artificial grass is certainly an enticing one. We’ve seen our clients light up every time we finish a job, the evergreen colouring and surprising comfort of each manufactured blade is something to behold. Artificial grass is more than just a pretty face, overall, it ends up saving money, headache, as well as provide a year-round distinction that will always stand out from the crowd. Being able to have artificial grass and a greener perception anywhere, everywhere, all the time is a wonderfully appealing thought. At AMAX Synthetic Grass, we’ve seen just about any situation you can imagine, and we take care of the entire process of your artificial grass installation from the planning stages to the final laydown. Today, we’re going to have a look behind the curtain and get into the ins and outs of artificial grass – if you were on the fence about the notion before, read on and find out why more people are opting for our greener pastures. Some Of The Benefits Of Artificial Grass Let’s get into the fun part and talk about a few of the oft-discussed benefits that having artificial grass can have – not only for your home, but for the environment as well. Simple To Maintain While yard work is a little bit of fun on occasion, the time spent on maintaining a lawn can add up rather quickly. The time spent on ensuring there is an even cut across the board when it comes to mowing is one annoyance, then of course you have the edge-trimming which is a task unto itself. Like we said, it can add up rather quickly. Artificial grass has the distinct benefit of not needing maintenance, except for maybe the occasional clean if there is debris from a windy day or a harsh breeze. Other than that, you can have your weekends back once again. Saving Money Over Time As we have already mentioned, you’ll be saving a lot of time and headache from the maintenance. This extends to less money spent on water usage in the watering and upkeep of a real lawn. Lawn tools aren’t exactly cheap either, with mowers, petrol, trimmers, all add up over the long-term. An Evergreen Freshness Who doesn’t love having a beautiful and luscious green garden all year round? Bright colours and beautiful shades that can be seen from the windows can make all the difference on a cold winter’s day. One of the sweeter characteristics of artificial grass is the fact that it is so bright, comfortable, and with an evergreen fresh look that will always bring a smile. Natural Look & Safe For All Many people have the idea that artificial grass is unsafe or unfit for a modern family. This simply is not true; we’ve seen a great number of our clients who have kids and pets use their new lawn as if it was grown naturally. Speaking of natural, the various types and shades of fake lawns we have at AMAX will suit any aesthetic or intention. They look effortlessly natural and will always merit a second glance. Anywhere & Everywhere For those apartment dwellers, or those who do not have the good fortune of having suitable soil for natural growth, we’re here for you. This is perhaps one of the more creative benefits of a synthetic lawn, they can go almost anywhere you can imagine. We’ve seen a number of clients use our products to freshen up their apartment balconies or concreted backyards to add a little aesthetic and comfort. Why Choose AMAX For Your Artificial Grass Installation? Your local experts are ready and waiting to help you through the whole process, from answering your questions to the actual artificial grass installation. We’ve got the experience, suppliers, and knowhow to tackle any scale of project you can imagine, and we certainly love a challenge. We’re always going to put our clients first and offer a bespoke experience every time. Have a look at our previous works and see for yourself why more people say – AMAX knows artificial grass.

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