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This is AMAX Synthetic Grass – The Best Fake Grass supplier in Sydney


Our team installs synthetic grass across the greater Sydney region, servicing areas in all suburbs across the city.

We are a company which operates out of Rooty Hill in Sydney and have been providing our services for years now. We provide high-quality, reasonably priced synthetic grass products which have a warranty guarantee of up to 7 years!

A property is only as good as its outdoor area, and with our artificial lawns, we guarantee beauty. With 3 different types of products to choose from, and varying sizes and models, we ensure you will be able to find one that suits your property


With no dangerous metals or lead used in our products, our synthetic grass is suited to residential and commercial environments. From homes to schools and sports fields, to even aquatic pool surrounds, we can do it all!

When people choose AMAX Synthetic Grass, they’re choosing the professionals. We provide the best artificial turf in Sydney, giving our clients access to lucrative deals, premium suppliers, and expertise that cannot be beaten.

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Why Choose Amax Synthetic Grass

  • Covered by an 7-years product warranty and 18-month installation warranty

  • Direct from the factory. Wholesale prices for a premium synthetic lawn

  • Child & Pet friendly

  • Naturally alluring that looks like the real thing

  • Top quality & stands upright for longer

  • Wear-resistant and weather-tolerant

  • Saving water. Over 50% reduction in residential water use.

  • A massive time saver. Giving you more time to enjoy your yard
    instead of maintaining it

  • Reduced carbon emissions. No need for maintenance equipment.

What we offer

Synthetic Grass Installation.jpg

Installing an artificial lawn into your property takes skill and experience to do correctly. It is crucial to have a garden that looks as real as possible, with the best quality products and without the added maintenance. Our installation services ensure that our high quality products are professionally installed and will last for the years to come.

Perfect for residential and commercial use, we provide products to landscapers and businesses who need to buy in bulk for their jobs. With a wide range of selection available, we can provide your business with the best possible choices for your clients and their properties.

We can even provide you with high quality products, and you can install them yourself! We provide clear instructions on how to install an artificial lawn, and give you the products needed to create a beautiful lawn. Feel like a DIY project? Let us help you build your dream lawn!

Choosing AMAX Synthetic Grass Also Includes Extensive:

Sales Support


We strive to give our customers the best experience possible

Installation Support


We can install everything we sell utilising our trained professional installers

Quality Assurance


We don’t just have the best artificial turf in Sydney, we own it

You may be asking, how is it possible to have fake grass in Sydney that looks and feels like the real thing? Simply put, we put our money where our mouths are and ensure that carefully cultivated relationships with manufacturers allow us to be the most reliable and efficient artificial grass suppliers for the city and beyond. 

Our dedicated team of synthetic grass experts take on each new job with a fresh perspective and weighted experience – we’re here to answer your questions and to provide the advice you never knew you needed. 

Varieties Of Artificial Turf We Offer:

You read that correctly. There are a number of varieties, builds, shades, and materials that go into the best artificial turf, and we have them all on offer for our clients.

Covering the bases of budget, cost, and aesthetic – we have the look you’re after, at the price that is unbeaten.

AMAX is proud to offer these varieties to you:


One of our most popular choices. Carnival fake grass is a resilient and supportive build that’s proudly sporting a naturalised look in terms of the blades and shades. Sporting the naturally looking ‘C Blade’ aesthetic – the yarn fibre looks beautiful in any season.


The affordable choice for those who are on a budget, but still want to have a garden space that turns heads for the right reasons. With an excellent straight-up profile and a refreshing field and bottle green colour scheme – there’s no better choice.


The budget model that is overflowing with class and natural beauty. The Prince variety has a unique look and feel that offers a professional look and sturdy sensation.


The crème de la crème, considered by many to be the best artificial turf you can buy for your home. Our Buffalo range comes in a variety of shapes, colours, and styles to better suit whatever exterior you have.


Why our client say we're the best

Great quality product, great price and communicates well. I even collected on a Sunday. I have looked at several products and Amax grass is just as good quality as the others. Highly recommended.

This one of the bests shops for synthetic grass. I purchased a few times fake grass in Sydney. I am really happy wit he quality and customer service. I will definitely buy more grass in the future. I highly recommend this shop.

A great family owned business that offers superior products and good price! The business is very flexible in terms of meeting my hours and needs. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to install synthetic lawn in their backyard.


Is synthetic grass considered environmentally friendly?

While there are a lot of people nay-saying out there – there really is a lot to say about the incredible benefits to the environment with the proper installation and care.


The consistency of the greenery is evergreen, regardless of watering, in Australia, saving water is vital so in this case we absolutely think it makes a massive impact for keeping the country evergreen.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all areas of the city and its surrounds for maintenance, installation, and quotes – if you need fake grass in Sydney – you know who to call.


Can I install it myself?

It is possible, but not recommended. To ensure that your new investment lasts for as long as possible – we always recommend a trusted and experienced professional be the one for the job. We employ the best in the business, so that there’s never a single blade that isn’t properly installed.


What maintenance is needed after its installed?

Virtually none! While we always instruct owners to keep an eye for any inconsistencies and natural changes over time. However, in terms of general maintenance, you can take back your Saturday mornings and not have to worry about dragging out the lawnmower.


Does your product add any property value?

It certainly does. In the cutthroat world of Australian property – there is a whole lot you can do to enhance and brighten your investments horizons. A well-kept exterior for your home or business is certainly a step in the right direction, especially with buyers looking for the complete package when buying property.


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