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High quality commercial artificial grass – ready when you are!

Give your business that extra wow factor with our commercial synthetic grass!

Your business is obviously very important to you and it makes sense that you would want to invest in projects that make your business look and perform better. Enhancing landscape features, such as with commercial artificial grass, is one of the ways in which you can quickly raise the profile of your business while also saving money at the same time.

Commercial synthetic grass comes with a huge range of benefits and is the preference of many businesses that don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of maintaining a real lawn. Our range of high quality products are all designed with durability, performance and authenticity in mind.

This is why so many businesses in and around Sydney have counted on Amax to provide them with affordable and effective faux turf solutions. No matter if you’re running a day-care centre, a putt-putt course or a sports field, we have commercial artificial grass that perfectly suits the demands of your space and your customers.

commercial synthetic grass

Fake lawns = real savings

Eliminate landscaping expenses overnight with our commercial synthetic grass!

Our commercial artificial grass gives you all of the aesthetic appeal and function of a real lawn without all of the hassle of tending to it. This means no more paying landscapers to mow the lawn as it will stay looking perfect for a long time to come. We even have a 7 year warranty on all our products to give you that extra peace of mind.

Lock in the perfect look

Invest in commercial synthetic grass that will look idyllic all-year-round!

One of the best things about buying commercial artificial grass for your business is that you get to freeze the landscaping just the way you like it. Once you select the type of faux turf you want, you can rest assured that, once installed, the lawn will stay looking that way for a very long time with very little maintenance required.

This gives you more control over how your business looks and in turn greater control over how customers perceive you. Having an always perfect lawn that never fails to serve its purpose is just one extra way of removing some uncertainty from the daily running of your business.

Think about it; you want your business to give a positive and consistent impression to your customers, both old and new. Investing in our commercial synthetic grass allows you to ‘lock in’ the look you want to have while requiring next to no upkeep.

Safe, realistic and durable commercial artificial grass

The ultimate faux lawn solution no matter your business needs!

Many businesses that have used our fake lawns have selected them for their closeness to the real thing while also providing a safer environment for small children and animals. This is especially true for schools and day-care centres where children are liable to fall and injure themselves on uneven terrain.

With our products, you get a beautifully green turf with a rubberised underlay that’s much safer for people to fall on. This is why our commercial artificial grass is so popular in businesses where young children are present and the risk to them needs to be minimised as much as possible.

Browse our range of commercial synthetic grass

Check out our ultra-durable and realistic faux lawn options!

No matter what your preferences and requirements are, we can customise your order and cut the turf to the size you need. All of our commercial synthetic grass products come with a 7 year guarantee.


  • Highly resilient polypropylene  that provides great comfort and support

  • C Blade technology keeps the turf pointing straight and upwards

  • Low shine and yarn fibre help it to perfectly replicate the appearance of the real thing

commercial synthetic grass sydney


  • Cheaper option for those with a strict budget

  • Still provides high durability and realism with little maintenance

commercial synthetic grass prices

Browse our range of commercial synthetic grass

Quit worrying about the state of your lawn and install our commercial artificial grass!

The best part about buying faux turf for your business is the fact that it effectively eliminates the concern of managing your lawn. This means that rain, hail or shine you won’t have to change the frequency of your landscaping to keep up with faster rates of growth or to combat weeds.

This gives you more time to focus on improving the core competencies of your business where your expertise is actually required. Your business likely has bigger fish to fry than maintaining a lawn, so it makes sense to remove this distraction so that you can focus on what makes your business money.

In fact, the only kind of maintenance you need to do is to give it a hose down now and then to remove dirt and dust.

Let us install it for you!

Amax is your one stop shop for commercial artificial grass purchase and installation!

Here at Amax, we not only provide high quality commercial synthetic grass but also offer our professional installation team. Our courteous and highly skilled team will install your faux lawn for you without and hassle or hiccups.

This gives you even more free time to focus on your business as you don’t need to worry about putting aside heaps of time to do it yourself. Our team can come and install the lawn in as little time as possible so you can start enjoying the benefits straight away!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to secure the perfect commercial artificial grass for your business!

Between the high quality, low maintenance, safety, durability and ease of installation of our products, there’ve never been better reasons to make the switch to commercial synthetic grass. With our 7 year warranty, you can rest assured that our products will endure to give your business an amazing lawn solution that will look stunning all-year-round!

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