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Cherry Artificial Grass 25mm: The Affordable Yet High-Quality Artificial Grass Solution


Looking to elevate your outdoor space into a lush, green sanctuary without breaking the bank? 

At AMAX, we offer our own brand of Cherry-TR Grass, a top-tier artificial grass option that brings together affordability and uncompromising quality. The perfect alternative to natural grass, our brand is the best artificial grass on the market to add outside your property.

Whether you desire the perfect lawn for your outdoor furniture or an area for the kids to play with their toys, our Cherry artificial grass range offers a great solution to accommodate all your outdoor needs. It emulates the natural texture and appearance of authentic and real grass while offering all the enduring qualities you'd expect from state-of-the-art synthetic materials. 

Check out our expansive range of synthetic grass—ideal for any home or commercial application.

Features & Specifications 

Model: Cherry-TR
Pile height: 25mm
Gauge: Custom
Stitches per ㎡: 18,900
Roll width: Customisable
Roll length: Customisable 

Composition: Top-Quality Synthetic
Structure: High-Density Monofilament
dTex: Custom
Colour: Natural Greens 

Primary backing: High-Quality Material
Weight: Customizable
Secondary backing: Advanced Backing Material
Weight: Customizable 

Climate Resilience: Specially designed for Australian Weather
UV-Stability: Exceeds Standard Requirements
Warranty: 7 Years 


Child & Pet-Friendly

Embracing an outdoor environment that is safe and comfortable for both kids and pets is a priority for many homeowners. Our cherry artificial grass is meticulously designed with a gentle 25mm pile height that offers a plush surface akin to a soft carpet underfoot. This inviting touch not only stimulates play but also provides peace of mind to parents and pet owners alike, ensuring every step on the grass is cushioned and secure.

Durable, Yet Affordable

The Australian climate poses unique challenges for outdoor products, especially with its intense sun rays and variable weather patterns. Our cherry range offers a cheap artificial grass that stands tall against these adversities, crafted with durability at its core. It not only withstands daily wear and tear but also retains its lush appearance. What sets it apart further is its affordability. Offering top-notch quality within the 25mm range, it presents an exceptional blend of value and endurance.

Greenery All Year Round

Nature's beauty is ever-changing, but the desire for a perpetually green and lush lawn remains constant. Our cherry artificial grass promises this consistency. Unlike traditional lawns that may wither in the heat or become patchy in colder months, the fake grass remains unyieldingly vibrant in your garden. Boasting 18,900 stitches per square metre, its dense configuration captures the essence of a thriving natural lawn, ensuring your outdoor space remains a verdant oasis throughout the seasons.

Low Maintenance, High Savings

Owning a beautiful lawn often comes with the hidden costs of continuous maintenance. Cherry artificial grass challenges this notion. Requiring minimal care, this budget synthetic grass liberates homeowners from the cyclic tasks of mowing, fertilising, and watering. The consequent savings aren't just monetary; think of the weekends freed up, the water conserved, and the peace of mind from avoiding chemical treatments. Investing in our cherry range is a step towards sustainability, economy, and leisure.

Why Choose Our Cherry Artificial Turf?

Industry-Leading Innovation

Cherry-TR grass is not just another synthetic turf - it's the result of rigorous research and development by our team at AMAX. Our brand is a testament to our commitment to offering the best products in the market. Built on the principles of innovation and excellence, we've ensured that every strand of cherry-TR grass reflects our dedication to quality.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In today's age, the importance of choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products cannot be stressed enough. Our cherry brand synthetic grass is designed keeping the environment in mind. Not only does it reduce the need for water, but its top-quality synthetic materials also mean less waste and a longer lifespan than traditional lawns.

Versatility in Application

The versatility of cherry artificial grass knows no bounds. Whether you're looking to revamp a backyard, a playground, a commercial property, or even an indoor space, our product seamlessly fits the bill. Its adaptability ensures that it can be tailored to suit any project, regardless of its size or nature.

Recognition in the Market

We're proud to have the cherry-TR grass recognised as a preferred choice among Australian homeowners and businesses. Its stellar reputation is not just built on its impeccable quality but also on the trust and satisfaction of our diverse clientele.

Endorsed by Experts

Our brand isn't just loved by our customers; it's also endorsed by experts in the landscaping and architecture industry. Professionals acknowledge the superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal that our cherry artificial grass range brings to any project.

Cherry-TR Grass: Your Affordable Gateway to Outdoor Luxury 

Cherry-TR grass is not just a product—it's a lifestyle choice. It balances cost-effectiveness, superior quality, and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, this provides a captivating yet low-maintenance outdoor experience. 

Upgrade your outdoor area with our cherry brand range and experience a new level of scenery. 

At AMAX, we deliver the promise of lush, vibrant outdoor spaces without the laborious upkeep and high costs traditionally associated with maintaining a natural lawn.  

When you choose cherry artificial grass, you don't just buy artificial grass; you're investing in a convenient, eco-friendly lifestyle upgrade that pays dividends in both aesthetics and practicality. We stand by the exceptional quality of our artificial turfs, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Here’s a smart, beautiful, and sustainable choice for Australian homes and businesses. 

So why settle for less? Experience the future of lawn care today.

Reach us for a free quote and elevate your outdoor spaces to new heights of beauty and functionality with cherry-TR grass.

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