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Get the best artificial grass installation with Amax Synthetic Grass

For a backyard that is green all year round look to artificial turf

At Amax Synthetic Grass we provide a comprehensive artificial grass installation service to ensure that you get the best results. This is why we work closely with our customers to understand the problem and their circumstances. In doing this we are able to find an effective and efficient solution that meets your needs. We are able to turf all free land areas from schools, churches and residential homes to sporting fields and commercial areas.

Synthetic Grass Installation.jpg

No matter what your location and circumstances we believe that our synthetic grass installation service can fit in with your budget and needs. We know that it isn’t just about installing the turf and that is why we aim to provide a holistic service that understands the problem and finds the appropriate solution.

With rapidly evolving technology in artificial grass installation over the last few years there has never been a better time to purchase. It is now the perfect alternative to natural turf that provides a high performance, low maintenance solution.

Due to the high performance and low maintenance aspect of the turf, investing in synthetic grass installation can actually end up saving you money. Natural turf requires regular maintenance and even more in the warmer months to ensure it remains green and healthy. This requires plenty of watering and the use of expensive garden equipment. Through artificial grass installation you can remove this need and likely save money in the long run.

Enjoy a greener outdoor space with synthetic grass installation

With Amax you can enjoy a hassle free space

Investing in synthetic grass installation will have an immediate impact on the look of the area. With its rich, green colour it will brighten up the space and be ready for use. As mentioned, it is incredibly low maintenance and doesn’t require the care that a natural lawn does. This means that you will always have a healthy looking space that is ready for playing, socialising or relaxing.

Whilst many can see it as a way out of a natural lawn, artificial grass installation should be seen as a valuable long term investment. It will last a long time and you will forever see the benefits when choosing artificial grass installation from Amax.

  • A 8 year warranty on the fake turf and an 18 month warranty on the installation

  • A child and pet friendly surface that is both strong and versatile

  • A surface that looks as natural as a real lawn

  • A surface that has been tested by the CSIRO for UV stability and heavy metals

  • A positive imprint on the environment thanks to reduced water usage and carbon emissions as a result of low maintenance requirements

When you choose synthetic grass installation you are getting more than just a new turf but a broad range of benefits that will positively impact your life for the years to come. At Amax we give our customers our full attention right from the start so that they can make the right decision and enjoy the benefits long term.

Get the most from your space with artificial grass installation

Amax offers a diverse range of fake turf to meet everyone’s needs

We know that every customer is different and that is why we have a variety of fake grass options available. We seek to understand our customer’s problems and identify the solution of best fit. This ensures that customers play a key role throughout the whole process and are able to make informed decisions as well.

At Amax we offer three different types of artificial turf installation options each with a different feel under foot, colour choice and purpose.

Carnival-CR 40

As our longest turf, the Carnival-CR 40 feels very soft under foot. This is a result of the polypropylene and polyethylene combination that also provides it with its durability. It comes in four different colours depending on the environment you desire to place it in and personal preference. It has a specifically designed C shape yarn that works to make the turf look as natural as possible.

Synthetic Grass Installation - Carnival-


The Price-P is our medium length turf and comes in olive and field green. It is arguably our most versatile option so it is great for artificial grass installation in all areas. The Stem Blade Technology ensures that the blades in the turf don’t become damaged or flimsy.

Synthetic Grass Installation - Price-P.j


This is our specially designed turf for golf greens. It is the shortest length turf that we offer and is great for those looking to put a small putting green in their backyard, commercial space or even at a local golf course. It is our most stable surface and can be used as an alternative to concrete or grass across many areas.

Synthetic Grass Installation - Pro-golf.

Experience high quality artificial grass installation with Amax

We take our service seriously and want to ensure that our customers are getting the best

Whenever you are making significant changes to a space there is a lot to consider. With artificial grass installation the colour, area and type of turf are all factors in the decision. At Amax Synthetic Grass we seek to aid our customers in this decision by providing them with all of the necessary information right from the start. This helps our customers to make their own decisions so that they can be happy with the result. To reach this goal we provide a:

  • Customised service – Everyone is different and we try our best to accommodate all needs

  • Natural looking surface – our turf has been inspired by the shapes and colours of nature

  • Variety of surfaces – We can offer artificial grass installation across a wide range of areas

  • Tested product – all of our products have been tested by the CSIRO for UV stability and heavy metals to ensure your safety

  • End to end service – right from the beginning we will provide you with the information you need and an on-site quote

For all of your artificial grass installation needs, call Amax Synthetic Grass

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