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Artificial Buffalo Grass 35mm: The Durable, Natural-Looking & Affordable Synthetic Lawn Solution 

buffalo artificial grass

Searching for artificial grass that can handle heavy traffic while offering the realistic appearance of a real lawn? Look no further.

At AMAX Synthetic Grass, we proudly introduce our buffalo grass 35mm, a top-of-the-line artificial grass product uniquely designed to withstand heavy use without compromising on its natural aesthetics. 

Browse our range of artificial grass products to find the right option for your property, or feel free to call us for any queries regarding our products.   

Features & Specifications 

Model: Premium U  
Pile height: 35mm
Gauge: Customisable
Stitches: 15,700 knots/m2
Roll Dimensions: 20m Length x 3.85m Width
Colour: Field & olive green, with brown and green curly thatch layer
YARN Composition: PE 14000 dTex & PP 14000 dTex
Width: 3.75m
UV Protection: Yes
Warranty: 7 Years
Certifications: CSIRO Certified 

Additional Features: 

  • Six different colour tones for a natural appearance 

  • W-Wave blade technology for added durability 

  • Double Backing Reinforcement for increased lifespan 

  • UV stabilised able to withstand even the harshest sun


Smart Drain Technology

Gone are the days of standing water or muddy spots after a heavy rainfall. With our proprietary smart drain technology, our artificial buffalo grass ensures all rainwater, dirt, soil, and mud are quickly drained away. Cleaning is no longer a tedious task; simply hose down your artificial turf, and it's ready for use in mere seconds, looking as fresh as ever. Say goodbye to stains that plague common fabric mats and embrace hassle-free maintenance.

Smart Cool Technology

We understand the concern about artificial grass heating up under the scorching sun. Thanks to our cutting-edge, smart cool technology, our Buffalo range has an edge. While the turf can get warm, the technology ensures heat evaporates more effectively than with a standard artificial lawn. Moreover, the blend of curly and straight yarn optimally reduces the heat impact.

Want an immediate cool-down? Just give it a mist of water.

Spectacular Design & Appearance

Our buffalo artificial grass exhibits an eye-catching appearance, featuring individual yarns meticulously crafted together to echo the realistic look and feel of genuine grass. With a unique 4-tone colour and pattern design, our buffalo artificial turf stands out, ensuring a vivid, plush green and natural look all year round.

No need to worry about watering, mowing, or fertilising. Our 35mm thrives effortlessly in Australia's challenging climate, ensuring a healthy-looking lawn with minimal maintenance. 

buffalo artificial grass
buffalo artificial grass

Embrace Low Maintenance with Buffalo Grass

Why sacrifice leisure for lawn care?

Our buffalo artificial turf offers the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality without the constant upkeep. Eliminate the routine tasks of mowing, weeding, and fertilising that come with real grass.

Relish in a water-efficient lawn that doesn't require constant hydration but still remains vibrant in all weather conditions. Say goodbye to muddy patches and discolouration from pet activities - our grass is designed for efficient drainage and resilience against heavy foot traffic.

In essence, with artificial buffalo grass, you invest not just in a product but in the luxury of time. Experience a lawn that's lush, green, and effortlessly beautiful with minimal care.

Built for Heavy Traffic

Our artificial buffalo grass, with its unique wide-blade design, offers an ideal solution for bustling outdoor spaces. Crafted to handle the relentless activity of daily life, from children's play to pets running and regular social gatherings, this grass stands resilient. Its durability ensures that regardless of the level of foot traffic, the lawn remains lush, vibrant, and impeccable for years to come.

Child & Pet Safe Luxury

Safety and aesthetics combine seamlessly in our buffalo artificial turf range. We understand the importance of a worry-free play space, especially when children and pets are involved. Our product is not only designed to look good but is certified free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that every moment spent on the lawn is pure, safe, and joyful.

Ultimate Cost-Effectiveness

Choosing our artificial buffalo grass is more than a mere aesthetic decision; it's an investment in simplicity and savings. By opting for our artificial grass solution, homeowners liberate themselves from recurring lawn maintenance costs, such as water bills and fertilisers. Over time, these savings, combined with the longevity and minimal upkeep of the grass, validate its cost-effectiveness.

Keeping Your Lawn Lush with Buffalo Synthetic Grass  

Our buffalo grass embodies quality, durability, and aesthetic value. The product effortlessly unites the feel of natural grass with the resilience of advanced synthetic materials.

Opting for synthetic lawn means choosing an outdoor experience that's both captivating and easy to manage. With our buffalo range, here's the perfect solution to add a little lush to your property and redefine your outdoor spaces with sophistication and ease.

At AMAX, we’re not just about selling products - we aim to provide the finest synthetic grass solutions in Australia. Whether you desire an elegant lawn, a sporting surface, or a pet-friendly yard, we can make it happen. 

Get a free measure and personalised quote, so you can reach closer to your dream lawn.  

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