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Carnival-CR 40mm Premium Artificial Grass

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Are you looking to transform your front and backyard into a lush green paradise without all the mowing and watering?

At AMAX, we offer Carnival-CR 40, our premium artificial grass product that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality. This product is the best fake grass that mimics the natural allure of genuine, real grass, infusing the resilient characteristics that only state-of-the-art synthetic fibres can offer.

Not convinced? Below, we've listed all the incredible benefits and features Carnival-CR 40 can provide to property owners upon installation.

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Unmatched Resiliency

When it comes to an artificial grass installation, you want to end up with a lawn that doesn't change shape. Our Carnival-CR premium artificial grass product offers unparalleled resiliency by using a blend of highly polypropylene thatch and soft polyethylene blades. The result? A lush, inviting synthetic turf that maintains its appearance and underfoot, all the while offering superior durability and minimal maintenance.

Stands Tall with Great Straight Up Technology

Incorporating innovative C-blade technology, Carnival-CR 40 not only stands upright but mimics a natural looking artificial grass. This state-of-the-art artificial turf enhances both the visual and structural integrity of the grass, delivering an outdoor experience that’s both appealing and enduring.

Child & Pet-Friendly

Our Carnival-CR grass is safe to walk on, making it the ideal choice for both young children and pets. You can be sure with this range that fun and playtime are never compromised. Plus, its durable and easy-to-clean nature means less time worrying about muddy paws and messy footprints and more time enjoying a pristine, green, and maintenance-free lawn.

The Most Realistic Grass on the Market

The distinctive C shape on the yarn fibre, coupled with a precise blend of field green and olive green colours, ensures that Carnival-CR 40 is virtually indistinguishable from natural grass. Say goodbye to the artificial look; this product makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between artificial lawns and natural lawns. For an authentic and seamless appearance, you can be assured you'll never find another imitation grass product suitable for you. 

Soft to the Touch & Easy on Foot

If you're looking for grass that doesn't feel like stepping on a pile of bindies, our Carnival-CR range is perfect. It’s easy on foot and soft to the touch, making walking around your lawn feel much smoother.  

Built to Last

Quality construction is at the heart of Carnival-CR 40 premium artificial grass. With a primary backing that comprises coloured fleece (fibre) plus polyester and a robust secondary latex (SBR) backing, this product promises stability and strength, even in the most demanding environments. Pet owners and parents - you'll have a healthy green lawn all year round as this product is both child friendly and pet friendly

Fade-Resistant Beauty

Thanks to its soaring UV stability ratings, Carnival-CR 40 maintains its vibrant appearance without fading, even under relentless sunlight.

Environmentally Conscious Luxury

Our commitment to excellence extends to the environment. The eco-friendly synthetic fibres offer an attractive and sustainable alternative, transforming outdoor spaces without harming the planet.

Affordable & Cost-Effective Solution

Save money on water bills and garden maintenance with Carnival-CR 40 installed on your lawns. At a low cost of $25 per square metre, it is a cost-effective way enjoy all the benefits of artificial grass.

Features & Specifications

Model: Carnival-CR 
Pile height: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8
Stitches per ㎡: 18900
Roll width: 3.75m
Roll length: order
Composition: PE & PP
Structure: Monofilament
dTex: 13000
Colour: Four colours

Primary backing: Coloured Fleece (fibre) + Polyester
Weight: 245g
Secondary backing: Latex (SBR)
Weight: 1000g/㎡+(-)10%
UV-Stability: DIN 53387 ≥6000 hr
Light fastness (Blue scale): DIN 54004 grade 7
Guarantee: 7 years

Carnival-CR 40: The Answer to The Perfect Outdoor Haven

Carnival-CR 40 is more than a product; it’s a testament to aesthetic elegance, technological mastery, and environmental stewardship. Homeowners and businesses alike can embrace a captivating yet low-maintenance outdoor space, all thanks to Carnival-CR 40's cost-effective, high-quality alternative to natural & realistic grass. As one of the best synthetic grass products on the market, you can be sure your outdoors has never looked better.

Don't just reimagine your outdoor space; redefine it with Carnival-CR 40.

At AMAX, we offer the best residential and commercial synthetic grass Sydney has to offer. We provide our clients with high quality artificial lawn installations and access to the finest synthetic grass suppliers. Whether you'd like to install fake grass for your yard, roof top garden, tennis courts, other sporting surfaces, and more, we'll turn your surroundings into a peaceful sanctuary. 

Contact AMAX Synthetic Grass today for a free measure and personalised quote and take the first step towards your perfect lawn!

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