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Artificial Grass Installation Cost

Artificial grass in Sydney has a low price when you consider the long term

Artificial grass installation from Amax doesn’t cost as much as you would think, and it brings with it numerous money saving benefits. Artificial grass in Sydney has a higher price than regular turf, but over its lifetime it will pay for itself by making your life easier and saving on water, fertiliser, pesticides and fuel for your lawn mower.

artificial grass installation cost

Artificial grass installation saves costs in the long term

Over the life of the turf you should save a fair bit of both time and money

When you think about your artificial grass installation cost you need to consider that our synthetic turf will never need watering – in fact, all you will need to do to maintain it is hose the surface off if it gets dirty. While water is not particularly expensive, not needing to water the lawn will still save you money.

You will also save on the ongoing costs of pesticides and fuel for your lawnmower – in fact, since you won’t need a lawnmower at all you save that money as well! When you look at all of the savings that you make over the (long) life of your artificial grass, our installation cost is very reasonable.

Artificial grass in Sydney is very durable for the price you pay

Synthetic turf from Amax is durable enough for football fields!

artificial lawn cost

Amax’s artificial grass installation cost also makes sense when you realize how durable the turf is. Your synthetic lawn will last for years with very minimal maintenance, and if you have kids or dogs they will be able to run around on it to their hearts content without damaging the grass.

Dogs won’t be able to dig the turf up either, which is a big help in keeping your lawn looking neat. When you get artificial grass in Sydney our price buys you a yard that can’t be dug up and won’t need replacing or even upkeep for years.

Additionally, the price of artificial grass in Sydney also includes the lawn looking great even in droughts. The Sydney basin is prone to having long dry spells, and a fake lawn is one that will look lovely and green even when water restrictions mean that real grass is going brown.

Save time on maintenance tasks

Our fake lawns take very little upkeep, so you will have more free time

Mowing a lawn is always a big hassle. If you want your garden to look pristine you will need to this every week, but even if you are a bit more lax you should be mowing once a month at least to keep it from looking wild and uncared for. In addition to mowing the lawn, you will also need to weed regularly, which takes up even more time. If you try and take shortcuts with herbicides, you will kill your grass as well.

Avoiding all of these chores with artificial grass in Sydney is worth the slightly higher price. You will not need to spend hours of your weekend maintaining the back yard, which is time that you should be using to relax and recharge before the next work week starts.

The only work that your Amax synthetic turf will need is the occasional hosing when it gets dirty, and possibly a mopping with some detergent and hot water if you have a dog. The amount of time you will save can be better spent using your leisure time to do things that you enjoy.

The artificial grass installation cost gets you a lawn that looks real

Our synthetic turf looks incredibly realistic

If you’re worried about your yard looking obviously fake or resembling a synthetic sports field, don’t be. While we do carry fake turf that is suitable for use in sport or for golf putting (give us a call if you want your own putt-putt golf course), we also have more realistic synthetic grass.

synthetic turf cost

Artificial grass in Sydney prices get you a product that is the same colour as a healthy, natural lawn, and the blades will stand up straight thanks to new developments and technology in the synthetic turf world. The grass is also the right length for a freshly mown lawn, so your yard will look like it has perfectly maintained real turf, all the time – and people will have to get very close to tell the difference!

The soft surface is great for kids and dogs

Children and animals alike will love playing and running around on Amax grass

If you don’t want to pay our artificial grass Sydney price, you might be considering a stone garden instead. While this can look pretty as a replacement for a lawn, it is far less functional than synthetic turf (and is just as expensive). If you want a functional back yard, nothing beats a grass (or fake grass) open space.

If you have children, or want them in the future, then an Amax fake lawn is great for them to be able to run around and play. It will be softer than stone or concrete, and provide better grip for their feet so they are less likely to fall over in the first place and will be safer if they do. They also won’t get dirty or muddy!

For adults the open space is great for parties. Whether you decide to use it as a dancefloor or set up tables and chairs around the yard for people to sit, eat, drink and chat, the open space will be well used. It is easy to clean the next morning as well – all you need to do is hose it down.

Finally dogs love running around on the soft surface. They will be happy to be outside as long as they have a good area to play, and when you get artificial grass installation the cost is worth it because the lawn cannot be dug up by inquisitive puppies, or older dogs who just like to dig or bury bones. When the dogs make a mess it is very easy to clean up as well – just pick it up like you would on a normal lawn, then hose the area.

artificial grass sydney price

As you can see, artificial grass installation costs are well worth it because of all of the benefits you get from your synthetic lawn. The artificial grass price in Sydney may be higher than getting real turf rolled out, but in the long run it is much easier and cheaper to maintain, giving you all of the benefits of a lawn without the upkeep.

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