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Remove the stress and hassle of having to look after your grass with synthetic turf right here in Sydney!

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At Amax Synthetic Grass we want to provide our customers with the best quality surface possible. This means that we seek to identify the needs of our customers and do our best to meet them in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Whether you are looking to lay synthetic turf in Sydney for a playground, backyard or even a backyard golf course, Amax will be able to provide a grass alternative that suits your needs.

We are one of the best options to cover free land areas for sport, residential and commercial purposes. We offer great value for our customers and understand that it is not just the outcome but the service that our customers value. Synthetic turf technology has improved significantly in recent years and now looks natural making it a hassle free alternative to natural grass. We see our artificial turf as providing a high performance and low maintenance solution to traditional grass.

There is virtually no maintenance required for artificial turf in Sydney, and this means that you no longer need to spend the money on a lawn mower and looking after your grass. Often traditional grass can become brown through summer when it isn’t watered enough leading to necessary treatment. Using our grass alternative this will no longer be an issue meaning you can use this time to relax or spend time with friends and family whilst saving money on gardening costs.

Experience the benefits of a greener space with Amax

Experience the benefits of a greener space with Amax

Artificial turf has an extensive range of benefits and is an extremely versatile solution to the problems that come from traditional grass. Because many areas of a commercial space or residential home or apartment block are unable to achieve the sunlight they need, traditional grass can become brown and patchy. That’s the beauty of artificial turf, especially in Sydney – it will never lose its colour and stays green all year round whilst maintaining a natural look.

When you elect to invest in artificial turf, know that you will be getting a long term solution with extensive benefits.

  • A 8 year warranty on the product and an 18 month warranty on the installation

  • A child and pet friendly so you won’t end up with holes in your garden

  • A natural appearance

  • Durable and weather resistant so you know it will last

  • A positive environmental impact due to reduced water usage and carbon-emitting equipment

  • No more mowing and expensive garden maintenance allowing you to spend more time with friends and family

In addition to these benefits, the team at Amax will seek to provide a high quality experience. This means that we are happy to help with everything, including the product that will be best suited for your purpose. Out team of trained professionals will then arrive at the designated location to install it.

Find the ideal artificial turf for you

With our range of grass alternatives we will be able to find the right choice for your needs

At Amax we offer three different types of synthetic turf to our Sydney customers so that we can meet your needs. This is why we get to know our customers before providing them with an artificial turf solution. We attempt to understand the problem and then work to provide them with the best possible solution for your space.

Our three grass alternatives are outlined below;

Carnival-CR 40

This comes in four colours to create a more realistic look. The C shape on the yarn of the artificial turf combined with the field and olive green colours makes it look just like natural grass. The C blade technology used in this type also helps to make it appear more like natural grass as the turf stands up taller. This is also our most durable grass with its high polypropylene composition combined with a soft feel under foot.

Synthetic Turf Sydney - Carnival - CR 40


This is arguably our most natural looking grass as it is of a medium length combined with the field and olive green colour combination. It is also durable and the upright blades of ‘grass’ won’t wear out maintaining their strength through Stem Blade technology.

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Our special artificial turf designed for golf is ideal for golf lovers looking to install a small putting green into their backyard. For some local golf courses it may also be applicable for greens in order to reduce maintenance costs. This is an incredibly stable option and can also be used as an alternative throughout the backyard and around the house.

Synthetic Turf Sydney - Pro-golf.jpg

Choose a stress free and personalised service with Amax

Our team at Amax will look to remove the stress of purchasing artificial turf in Sydney

We know that any major investment can be a bit of challenge. There are a lot of things to consider and you want to make sure that you are making the right decision. At Amax we know our clients not only want the best product but also the best service. That’s why we base our business on:

  • Customised service – all of our synthetic turf in Sydney can be cut to the size that you need and an on-site quotation can also be arranged.

  • A natural look – we take our designs from nature with a variety of lengths and a natural combination of colours.

  • Suiting all needs – we have the most natural grass that is suitable for schools, churches, hotels, homes and more.

  • Safety – our products are all CSIRO tested for UV stability and heavy metal.

  • An extensive service – not only are we able to provide artificial turf and accessories but we also have a fully trained installation team.

Providing a high quality service with a high quality grass alternative is our number one goal at Amax. Remove the hassle of regular mowing of grass and cutting weeds and install artificial turf today.

Get in touch with Amax today for all your synthetic turf needs!