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Amax Synthetic Grass, the best in synthetic turf installation

For a greener surface that looks good all year round, choose the experts in artificial turf installation

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At Amax Synthetic Grass we know that you want a comprehensive synthetic turf installation service from start to finish. That is why we choose to work with our customers to help identify their needs and circumstances so that we can provide the most effective solution. We are able to lay surfaces at schools, in commercial and residential spaces and on sporting fields.

We strive to provide solutions regardless of the location and space so that we can meet the needs of all our customers. We know that purchasing our product isn’t just about the artificial turf installation but is about finding the ideal type of fake grass and ensuring that it fits well into your space.

Thanks to rapid improvements in technology there has been an increase in synthetic turf installation as it now looks just like natural grass. Artificial turf installation is now the perfect alternative to a real lawn that is low maintenance and high performance.

Synthetic grass installation can actually end up saving you money due to the reduction in maintenance required. Because of its durable nature, and the fact that it doesn’t grow, you will no longer need to waste time and money in looking after your grass.

No more expensive gardening equipment or weekends spent mowing means that you will have more time to relax and to spend with family and friends. You will now be able to have a lush and beautiful looking green space all year round without the hassle.

Reap the rewards of a greener space with artificial turf installation

Enjoy the benefits of a hassle free space when you get fake grass from Amax

When you make the switch to fake grass you will instantly see the results. Artificial turf installation will transform the space from a high maintenance and often run down area into a beautiful green one that can be used for a variety of purposes. Often, during the warmer months, grass can become brown and patchy and looking after it can be expensive and labour some. This is one of the greatest things about synthetic turf installation – you will always have a green surface perfect for relaxing, playing or socialising.

Artificial turf installation can be seen as a long term investment that is going to save more than just time and money. There is a range of benefits that come with choosing fake grass from Amax:

  • 8 years of warranty on the fake grass itself as well as an 18 month warranty on the installation

  • A strong and versatile surface that is  both child and pet friendly

  • A natural looking surface

  • A CSIRO tested surface for UV stability and heavy metals

  • An environmentally friendly solution thanks to the reduction in watering and mowing contributing to carbon emissions

With Amax you get more than just a basic synthetic turf installation; you get a complete service. We will ensure that you get our full attention from start to finish, including an on-site quote and expert artificial turf installation from our team of trained professionals.

Experience a versatile solution with synthetic turf installation

At Amax we offer a range of fake grasses to meet your needs

We know that every customer is different and that is why we have a variety of fake grass options available. We seek to understand our customer’s problems and identify the solution of best fit. This ensures that customers play a key role throughout the whole process and are able to make informed decisions as well.

At Amax we offer three different types of artificial turf installation options each with a different feel under foot, colour choice and purpose.

Carnival-CR 40

The Carnival-CR 40 comes in four different colours and is one of our most versatile options. It is also our longest coming at 40mm with strong blades that will last. The yarn in the grass is a specifically designed C shape so that it looks as natural as possible. Combining polypropylene and polyethylene, this surface is both soft under foot and durable through all weather conditions.

Sydney Synthetic Grass - Carnival-CR 40.


The Price-P combines a 25mm length with a field and olive green colour combination to provide an organic look. It is commonly used throughout all spaces due to its versatility. The Stem Blade Technology ensures that the blades of this grass are durable.

Sydney Synthetic Grass - Price-P.jpg


For all those golf lovers we have the surface just for you. This is our shortest surface and is designed specifically for use as a putting green. It is ideal for a little green in your backyard or as a fun activity in a commercial space. It can even be used on local courses looking to save on maintenance costs. This is without a doubt the most stable surface available and can be used as an alternative to real grass in many areas.

Sydney Synthetic Grass - Pro-golf.jpg

Get a high quality artificial turf installation from Amax

Our team will make the process easy for you, guiding you through each step

Whenever you make a big investment there are always a few things to consider. When it comes to artificial turf installation, things such as the colour, size of the space and type of grass you want is all important. That is why we seek to provide our customers with all of the necessary information right from the start so that they can make an informed decision. This helps to ensure that our customers are happy. In order to achieve this we provide a:

  • Customised service – We know that everyone is different and so we take the time to understand each problem.

  • Organic appearance – We have designed our product with inspiration from nature.

  • Diverse range – Regardless of where you intend to have the fake grass we are able to work with you.

  • Safe product – Our products are rigorously tested by the CSIRO for heavy metals and UV stability.

  • Start to finish service – We know our customers want to be helped every step of the way and that is why we begin with an on-site quote before our team of professionals conducts the synthetic turf installation.

Amax Synthetic Grass is your number one destination for artificial turf installation!

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