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Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass in Kellyville

Say goodbye to weekend mowing and install fake grass in Kellyville with Amax!

Are you considering swapping over to synthetic grass so you can reduce the cost and labour involved in maintaining the façade of your home or business? Well, you’ve come to the right place – Amax is your #1 best choice when it comes to the selection and installation of an artificial lawn in Kellyville and surrounding areas.

When you need a surface that is both high-performance and low maintenance, you need look no further than Amax for affordable artificial turf in Kellyville. Our range of faux alternatives gives our customers the ultimate freedom in making a choice that suits their budget and lifestyle.

Our products

Take a look at our high quality options for fake grass in Kellyville

commercial artificial grass carnival-CR 40

Carnival-CR 40

This is our longest product, coming up to 40mm. It is available in up to 4 different colours and achieves an incredibly natural look with its distinctive C-shape yarn. The surface is going to feel soft under foot for pets and children but is also highly durable against wear.

commercial artificial grass


This medium-length option is ideal for natural-looking backyards and green spaces. The length of the blades and olive green colour helps to create an incredibly natural look that is going to last the test of time.

commercial artificial grass Cabin 40mm

Cabin 40mm

This selection is fantastic for a lush and natural looking lawn. The blend of field and bottle green looks great, and the grass is both soft and durable. The same length as the Carnival-CR 40, the Cabin comes with a lower price tag.

Why Amax?

Discover why we provide the best offers for artificial grass in Kellyville

At Amax, we have been committed since day 1 to providing affordable and high quality faux landscaping alternatives for Sydney residents and businesses who want to have great looking green spaces, but don’t want to spend the time, money, and resources on maintaining it. When you engage Amax to provide you with artificial turf in Kellyville, you can be assured of the following:

Experienced Supply & Installation Experts

The team at Amax is made up of industry veterans who sincerely enjoy what they do and seeing the difference their work makes to the lives of our customers. We’ve been in this industry for a long time, and as such, we have the experience to navigate past hiccups that might derail work with a less experienced provider.

Highest Durability Products

There’s no point installing artificial grass in Kellyville if it’s going to perform worse than the real thing, and this is why we have ensured that we only stock, supply and install the highest quality products on the Australian market. Each synthetic product we carry is tested for durability against the harsh Australian sun and natural elements they must be exposed to in order to be a satisfactory investment.

Looks & Feels Real

The most important characteristic of our fake grass in Kellyville is that it looks and feels like the real thing. While in decades past faux alternatives could often look very plastic and unrealistic even from a distance, the contemporary products we carry are practically indistinguishable from an authentic lawn. Unless they are told, most people who visit your premises will never know the difference between our products and the real thing.

Affordable Quality

At Amax we have strived to keep our prices as competitive as possible and give our customers a range of affordable options so they can install an artificial lawn in Kellyville. While there is an upfront cost to our products and services, they will pay for themselves in the long run in the form savings you generate from reduced maintenance and upkeep.

Consumer Protection

You can trust Amax to perform exactly as expected at all times, and this is why we provide an 8 year warranty on our products and an 18 month warranty on our installation services. We care about our customers having total peace of mind about working with us and installing our products.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf in Kellyville

Learn about the myriad of benefits of installing a faux green space

There are numerous benefits of purchasing and installing artificial grass in Kellyville, including:

No more mowing, hedging, or other landscaping maintenance

The first and most obvious benefit you will get from installing one of our products is that you won’t have to perform any landscaping upkeep or pay a landscaper to do it for you. This means you can say goodbye to unpleasant Sunday morning mowing sessions when you would rather be in bed! No more rushing to mow after heavy rainfall or to fill up your green waste bin in time for council collection – the product you buy from us will never grow, so you’ll never need to trim it.

No more fuel and electricity costs for landscaping equipment

When you install fake grass in Kellyville, the lack of a need to use your mower or hedge trimmer means you won’t need to spend money fuelling these tools with petrol or electricity. When you add up the money you spend on powering and fuelling your landscaping activities, you could end up saving a significant amount by installing an artificial lawn for your Kellyville premises.

Beautiful and ready to use all-year-round

Real grass is a living thing that can become an eyesore when maintenance is neglected or when extreme weather strikes. If it gets too long or becomes discoloured from a lack of water, then it won’t be very pleasant to use for whatever activities you were planning. When you install artificial turf in Kellyville, you will have the perfect cut and trim 365 days a year.

Better for the environment

When you attempt to maintain a real lawn, you need to burn through petrol, electricity and water to keep it at the optimal length. By investing in artificial grass in Kellyville, you no longer need to use these resources to maintain your premises, meaning that you are able to reduce your carbon footprint.

Are you ready to install and benefit from the best fake grass in Kellyville? Call us on 0434 519 528 or contact us online today!

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