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Lush & Durable Artificial Grass in Marsden

Call Amax for the highest quality and most affordable fake grass in Marsden Park

Have you been thinking about making the switch to synthetic grass on your premises? Are you interested in eliminating the cost and effort associated with the upkeep of a traditional yard space, without sacrificing its utility? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we are the #1 provider of artificial lawns in Marsden Park and surrounding areas.

Anyone that wants a yard surface that is going to give them optimal performance with the least amount of maintenance should talk to our experts today. Our range of artificial turf in Marsden Park gives our customers plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a faux landscaping alternative that meets their specific lifestyle needs and budget.

See our diverse & high-quality product range

Take a look at our comprehensive array of options for artificial grass in Marsden Park

commercial artificial grass carnival-CR 40

Carnival-CR 40

With 40mm blades, this is our longest product and comes in 4 different colour options that help to create a very natural look using a C-shaped yarn. It is very soft under your feet, making it safe for pets and children to roll around on, and it is highly durable against the natural elements.

commercial artificial grass


This is our medium-length selection and is great for creating green spaces or backyards with a natural appearance. The olive colour and length of the blades gives a very authentic feel that will last for decades to come.

commercial artificial grass Cabin 40mm

Cabin 40mm

The Cabin 40mm is similar in length, feel and durability to the Carnival CR-40, but comes in at a lower price point. The yarn is a blend of bottle and field green, making it look like you have a well-watered lawn no matter how dry the summer gets!

Why work with the Amax team?

Find out why we’re your best choice for fake grass in Marsden Park

At Amax, we have been committed to providing the absolute best artificial lawns in Marsden Park and surrounding regions ever since we first opened our doors. Our goal is to help home and business owners make the switch to a faux landscaping alternative that allows them to maximise the effective use of their green spaces and reduce related upkeep costs.

When you choose to go with Amax for artificial turf in Marsden Park, you will be guaranteed to receive:

Expert Service & Installation

At all stages of working with us, our customers can expect the best industry expertise and advice on selecting a product for artificial grass in Marsden Park. When we install your selection, we will do it using the industry-approved methods and ensure that there are no faults or hidden issues that could cause a problem later on.

Highly Durable Products

All of our faux landscaping products are tested underneath the harsh Australian sun to ensure that they do not discolour or loose vibrancy over time. You don’t have to worry about blades snapping off and patches being created, our products will last the test of time as you step all over them carelessly (as you should be able to).

Look & Feels Authentic

When you buy an artificial lawn in Marsden Park from Amax, you’ll be pleasantly shocked by the authenticity of the product. We have the latest and greatest synthetic options that only experts like us can tell isn’t real. You get all of the benefits of the real thing without any of the maintenance!

Low Cost

We are competitively priced and give you a range of options to suit your budget and lifestyle. While you will need to spend money to get artificial turf in Marsden Park, it will pay for itself over the decades you keep it and don’t need to do any upkeep!

Warranties & Protections

We are so confident you will be satisfied with our products that they come with an 8 year warranty, and our installation work comes with an 18 month warranty. You can enjoy total peace of mind when you decide to work with the Amax team.

Artificial Grass in Marsden Park – What are the benefits?

Examine the distinct benefits of installing fake grass in Marsden Park

There are plenty of great benefits to installing an artificial lawn in Marsden Park, including:

Forget about weekend mowing and hedging

Without a doubt, the most popular benefit our customers report after installing artificial turf in Marsden Park is that they no longer have to spend their free time on the weekends mowing and trimming their greenery. Most Aussie kids know the ordeal of being forced into a weekend mow by their parents – wouldn’t you rather be relaxing instead? Never again will you need to rush to mow after a thunderstorm or when the council green waste bin is due for collection.

Save money on fuel and electricity bills

By installing artificial grass in Marsden Park, you will also save money on the electricity and petrol you would have otherwise subsidised in order to maintain your natural yard. When you start to add up all of the money you would have been spending on those activities it can actually be quite a lot!

Looks great all of the time

Another benefit is that artificial turf in Marsden Park is going to look great all-year-round without you needing to do any maintenance. The effects of the weather aren’t going to change how your yard looks.

Environmental benefits

When you are taking care of a real yard, you need to use a lot of fuel and electricity for tools like mowers and trimmers. When you install fake grass in Marsden Park, you no longer have to worry about that and can rest assured that you have reduced your carbon footprint.

Are you ready to install and benefit from the best fake grass in Marsden Park? Call us on 0434 519 528 or contact us online today!

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