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Golf players must score at each hole on the putting green makes the putting green a vital element for the player’s performance. Amax synthetic grass provides pro-golf turf that is ideal for both home owners and golf clubs. Whether you are creating a putting green in your backyard or for your golf course, make sure you choose the right golf grass.

No Watering, Minimum Maintenance 


The performance of the putting green is directly affected by necessary watering and intense maintenance. Also climatic changes for growing natural grass is becoming a worldwide issue.This is why our golf grass is your perfect alternative!


Convenience make big difference 

Amax Synthetic Grass now makes it possible to make your own backyard a golf course and spend more time on practicing and entertainment.


Outcome speaks for itself

Amax Synthetic Grass provides the most authentic golf surface which mimics a natural bent green grass for our consumers today, allowing for near perfect ball roll. In fact, our golf grass can adjust the putting green surface to match any golf player’s requirements.


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