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3 Things To Look For In An Artificial Grass Supplier For Perfect Garden

Updated: May 30

A perfect garden is something that is strived towards by a number of people who own homes. The first thing that many people look at when it comes a home is the garden, as it creates the first impression. However, a perfect garden comes with it a lot of work which can take a significant amount of time and money. It involves having a gardener, paying for regular maintenance, trimming and pruning of the garden and so on. All of these things can add up to be a significant amount of money and effort. As such, many homeowners turn towards an artificial grass supplier to create the perfect garden, without all of the hassle that comes with it. An artificial grass supplier would be able to create a garden which looks as real as possible but without actually using any real patches of grass. In doing so, you are able to eliminate all of the costs that come with a real garden while still achieving the same outcome.

Looking for your own perfect garden?

Here are 3 things to look out for in an artificial grass supplier.


An artificial grass supplier should have a portfolio of past projects done for satisfied clients which can showcase the skills that the business has in installing fake turf. This portfolio should display how well they installed the fake turf, and how it looks today. Through past projects, you can see how consistent the artificial grass supplier is in quality of work, as well as the materials used, and how it looks next to real houses. This is very important to look at, as it can reveal a lot about a business. A portfolio should also be freely available to view, as any business looking to hide their past projects may have something to hide, which isn’t a good sign at all.

Quality materials

When looking for an artificial grass supplier, it is vital to look at the materials used in the past projects and in current projects. Because the projects created have to last the test of time, as well as look realistic, the materials used must be of high quality to ensure this. At AMAX, we offer high quality products such as Carnival-CR 40mm, Prince-P 25mm and Buffalo 35mm. All of our products are high quality and look realistic, as well as requiring little to no maintenance. We also offer products for both residential and commercial settings, ensuring we have the best products for you, regardless of your situation!

Positive reviews/testimonials

An artificial grass supplier which is worth going to will have many positive reviews and past testimonials from satisfied clients. It is important to check for this, as it allows you to see what past work the artificial grass supplier has done, how it was completed and how the client felt about them. In the digital age, there are many platforms built solely for reviewing and testimonials. These platforms can be used to determine whether the artificial grass supplier you are looking at is worth your business.

Here at AMAX, we believe that we reflect all the positive points of a high quality artificial grass supplier. As an artificial grass supplier, we pride ourselves on creating incredible projects which our clients can be proud to call theirs.

If you are thinking about creating your dream garden, and are looking for an artificial grass supplier, then look no further than us here at AMAX!

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