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4 Beautiful Characteristics Of The Best Artificial Turf

Updated: Jan 17

Many people often perceive their lawns as the ultimate first impression they can give to their home or backyard, after all, who doesn’t want to have the best artificial turf to give a yearlong impression that doesn’t fade or age away with time or erratic weather. People often ask us about determining the difference between the subpar and the best artificial turf – and to be fair, there are a number of factors that contribute to such an estimation.

There are factors to consider revolving around the best artificial turf including the material, the shade, the location, and the overall fit within the environment it is installed. So, to make things easier, we’re going to break down our personal picks for the 4 characteristics that separate the best artificial turf from the rest.

  1. The Shade/Colour

The best artificial grass should first and foremost be beautifully shaded and befitting of the environment that it resides in. If the surrounding properties have a certain aesthetic or colour scheme in their natural grass for example, the best artificial turf will likely be able to fit right in without a second glance. This is especially present in suburbia where the art of exterior decoration is often noticed by passersby and the attention to detail matters a little more.

Taking the time to pick out the right shade that appeals to you will also help in making your newfound lawn be a point of pride for years to come.

  1. The Feel

The best artificial turf will also carry a soft and natural sensation that is reminiscent of regular grass. This is important as earlier iterations were often cited as feeling a little too fake for general use. We’ve endeavoured and took it as a point of pride to only offer top quality so that it looks and feels like any other lawn.

  1. The Material Longevity

We can’t talk about the best artificial turf without mentioning the material degrading aspects of lesser quality lawns. Even natural grass is prone to fading away with a year of bad weather or poor caretaking. Material that does not degrade over time is becoming much more affordable as time goes on, and with the improvement of recycling capabilities making your green grass even greener and environmentally friendly – the choice has never been easier.

  1. The Ease Of Maintenance

The final quality of the best artificial turf is undoubtedly the ease of maintenance. We live in a sunburnt country that is riddled with drought so we believe that the optimal quality you should find in your fake grass is how simple and easy it is to maintain and clean.

While we’ve seen a lot of cheaper alternatives requiring a hefty amount of care and maintenance to keep it looking pristine and green – our range has the smoothest and simplest methods of upkeep that ensure that your lawn will look beautiful with little to no effort.

In the end, the best artificial turf is the one that makes your house feel like a true home. AMAX is ready and waiting to help you find it. If you have any questions about our range or the colour schemes that could fit your home optimally, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here and we’ll take it from there.

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