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Amax Synthetic Grass, your experts on fake grass in Sydney

When you want a high performance low maintenance surface, look no further for Sydney synthetic grass At Amax Synthetic Grass we strive to provide a holistic service for our customers from start to finish. To achieve this, we work together with our customers to find their needs and identify the most practical solution in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the location you are looking to surface with Sydney synthetic grass, Amax can help across commercial, residential and business areas.

Offering a service to cover free land for commercial, sporting and residential purposes, we provide great value for our customers. We understand that fake grass in Sydney is not just about the outcome of the turf but about our service as a whole. Fake grass in Sydney is a hassle free solution for your backyard or sporting space and with the improvements in technology in recent years artificial turf looks as organic as natural turf. That is why we now see it as a great alternative to natural turf that provides a low maintenance and high performance solution. Because fake grass in Sydney doesn’t grow and maintains its shape there is significantly less maintenance required compared to natural turf. This means that you don’t need to waste money on a lawn mower and other expensive gardening equipment. Additionally, with less maintenance required you will have more time to relax and to spend with family and friends. Having a beautiful looking backyard or commercial space will now be easy with a lush greenness all year round. Experience the benefits of a greener space with Amax Remove the stress and hassle of having to look after your turf in Sydney with synthetic grass! As mentioned, the technology in Sydney for synthetic grass has developed rapidly in recent years and thus it now provides a great alternative to natural turf. There are a number of benefits of switching to fake grass in Sydney beyond that of the reduced maintenance needs and costs. During the hot summer it is common for natural turf to become patchy and brown and this can make the space look run down. This often occurs due to either heat or lack of sunlight and that is one of the beauties of fake grass in Sydney – it will always have a rich green colour whilst maintaining a natural look. Fake grass in Sydney should be seen as a long term solution to your surfacing problems. There are extensive benefits that go beyond the reduced maintenance.

  • A warranty of 8 years on the artificial turf and installation warranty of 18 months

  • As a pet and child friendly surface you won’t need to worry about it getting damaged

  • It looks natural

  • With extensive testing it is proven to be weather resistant and durable

  • With no need to water or mow the lawn you are contributing to the environment by saving water and reducing carbon-emissions

In getting your fake grass in Sydney from Amax you are not only getting a high quality surface but a great service as well. Our team of trained professionals will install your new turf and are happy to listen to any questions and requests that you may have. Find the ideal surface in Sydney with synthetic grass We offer a range of different artificial turfs so that we can meet your needs We offer three different varieties of fake grass in Sydney so that we can find a solution to a broad range of problems. In order to ensure that the right one is chosen for you, we get to know and understand our customers before reaching a solution. This means that we are able to understand the problem and find the ideal solution so that you can get the most out of the space. The three different types of artificial turf that we offer are:

Carnival-CR 40

The Carnival-CR 40 is our longest turf at 40mm. It comes in four different colours and the combination creates an incredibly natural look. The specifically designed C shape in the yarn adds to the natural looking surface. It is a durable surface that combines strong polypropylene with a soft feel under foot.


This is probably the most natural looking grass for common areas such as backyards. The medium length of the grass combined with the field and olive green colour combination makes it look just like natural turf. Another durable option, the blades of “grass” won’t wear out ensuring that the healthy look is maintained.


Designed specifically for golf, this is the shortest surface that we offer. It is the ideal surface for golf lovers looking to install a small putting green somewhere in their backyard or as a feature in a commercial space. Additionally, it could be used for local courses looking to reduce maintenance costs. It is an incredibly stable surface that can be used as an alternative in many areas.

Choose a professional and holistic service with Amax

The team at Amax will make purchasing fake grass in Sydney easy We understand that there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing fake grass in Sydney. It can be a big investment and the area covered, the type of turf, and the colour all need to be researched. That is why we aim to inform our clients as best as possible and provide a service that allows them to make the best decision. In order to do this we provide a:

  • Customized service – Understanding our customers and providing on-site quotes before cutting the turf to any size.

  • Natural appearance – Taking inspiration from nature we offer a variety of turf lengths and colours.

  • Diverse range – Providing the most natural looking fake grass in Sydney for churches, commercial spaces, schools, homes and sporting surfaces.

  • Safe product – All of our products have been tested for UV stability and heavy metal by the CSIRO.

  • Start to finish service – from providing on-site quotes to selecting the right surface for you before our team of trained professionals installs it.

Don’t hesitate; contact Amax Synthetic Grass today for your fake grass in Sydney!

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