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Determining The Best Artificial Turf For Your Needs

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Determining the best artificial turf for a particular job has a number of factors ranging from budget, size, blade colour, and intent. We’re very proud to be the official supplier of the best artificial turf at competitive prices for the good people of Sydney.

We have completed countless jobs in our many years of service, and in that time, we have seen just how important the decision-making process is. The right choice and the best artificial turf can truly make a monumental difference, this is what today’s article will be focusing on.

We’re going to break down the considerations you should have when shopping around for the lawn of your dreams. We hope that by the end of this piece you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re looking for, and perhaps see why we’re the top suppliers of the best artificial turf in Sydney.

Understanding Different Styles

The most prevalent decision that most people make when it comes to choosing the best artificial turf is undoubtedly the colour and blade style of their new installation. When looking at shades and blade lengths it is important to look at the general area where the lawn will be placed and mind your surroundings.

If you’re in a residential area and you’re thinking of replacing the front lawn, it is always wise to look at adjoining properties and try to fit into the aesthetic that is already established. This ensures that your lawn will blend in seamlessly with neighbours with the added benefit of being lush all year round!

At AMAX we offer a few variations when it comes to blade length with the Carnival-CR40 and Price-P being the most popular for entire lawn installations. The Carnival has a longer yet impressively natural look and is remarkably durable while the Price-P is more accustomed to backyard living spaces with a wear-resistance in its blades that can sustain whatever life throws at it.

What Do We Mean By Intent?

The intent is a big factor when it comes to choosing the best artificial turf. Each style will have its strengths and weaknesses depending on the intention and area it will be occupying. For example, our specially designed Pro-golf is the best artificial turf to consider if you’re an avid player and wish to have a putting green in the backyard.

As each style and blade length will be more suited for certain living situations (backyards, front yards, commercial grounds etc.), we heartily recommend you have a look at the various options we have and consider the foot traffic and overall look that you’re going for with the space.

It’s been noted that having a tidy and beautiful lawn has a great impact on property value and curbside appeal – so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of selling!

Budgets & Installation Considerations

The budget will inevitably impact your decision – in terms of the type you choose and the installation procedures. If you’re opting for the best artificial turf, it is always recommended that you ensure a professional is taking care of the job.

If you have DIY experience and are looking for a challenge, then you could save a little money from the budget in terms of installation costs. However, you will run the risk of issues popping up that are unexpected and difficult to manage without the right experience.

If you’re looking for a professional service that provides excellent service, competitive rates, affordable installations, and the best artificial turf in Sydney – you’ve found it. Our bespoke services will ensure that your dream lawn becomes a reality.

Get in touch with one of our team today & kick-start the journey!

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