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How To Choose Artificial Turf Appears Natural & Real

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

While fake it until you make is a tried and true saying, this is not always the case especially if you’re installing artificial turf on your lawn. There are an array of benefits to having synthetic grass in your front and backyard spanning from its low maintenance and well-kept appearance.

On the other hand, there are many artificial turf producers out there who have grass that appears fake and unnatural. This can detract the beauty away from the front of your home, making you less interested in the look of your home. To assist you, we’ve instigated a list of factors to help you determine how you can find an artificial turf that looks just like the real deal.

At AMAX, we are focused on offering artificial turfs that have all the natural allure. Whether you are looking to reduce your mowing hours or want to keep your outdoors clean, our team can guarantee your home will look good as new. Let’s take a look at the key factors that determine whether a patch on your lawn will appear real or fake in your home.

1. Thatch For The Perfect Match

The grass is not always green on the other side because an artificial turf that looks real also has a few sections of brown in between the lawn. If you’ve ever paid attention to your yard, you should notice a brown layer that’s found close to the roots. This is known as thatch which is comprised of soil and organic matter to assist in providing moisture and insulation to the lawn. That’s why with artificial turfs, it’s important to add a fake thatch as it can give a more raw and natural appearance to the lawn. With our help, we can suggest the best type of fake thatch to suit your project, to keep your lawn durable and long-lasting.

2. Blades Of Glory For Your Lawn

A great way to make your artificial turf have a natural appearance is by the way the blades are structured. For instance, most grasses are spaced tightly together so it’s important to get lawns that have a packed look. Another key detail is the variation of colour between the blades across the entire lawn. Real-life grass typically ranges in an array of different green shades. Spanning from green to brown, the grass can turn into more of a hazel colour due to the coating that is created to protect the blades from long exposure to UV rays.

3. Consistent Maintenance & Upkeeping

While buying the right kind of artificial turf is pivotal to getting synthetic grass that doesn’t look like it, maintenance is essential for keeping it from appearing inauthentic. Doing a quick brush now and then can ensure that the blades remain vertical rather than squashed after foot traffic which can look unkempt. After various months, you should rake the infill of your artificial turf to evenly spread the material for a good ground cover and positioning for the blades. You should also remove any debris such as fallen leaves is highly significant to prevent mould or strains from developing.

At AMAX, we’re paving the way for homeowners to have an alternative solution to constant mowing and lawn maintenance. We offer a series of products and installation services for artificial turfs to ensure that your yard is always green on every side. If you’re looking to keep your lawn lush and fresh all year round, get in touch with our team to install your new lawn.

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