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How To Maintain And Take Care Of Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Updated: May 30

The most tedious weekly household chore to do is mowing your front and backyard. For those looking to cut out the middleman, installing artificial grass for your lawn may just be the solution you need. You can reduce the number of hours you spend having to trim up your yard, giving you more time for the more important things. Although it’s easier to clean and maintain, it’s always guaranteed for your lawn to be in disarray. Your pet might poop, food might be split, or mould might develop on the ground. If you’re unaware of how to take care of your artificial grass lawn, here is a series of strategies to keep your yard looking fresh. Let’s have a see!

At AMAX, we have an array of artificial grass options to choose from perfect for every homeowner. Located right in the heart of Rooty Hill in Western Sydney, they supply the finest array of synthetic lawns out there from your front to your backyard. Our products are made of the highest quality, sold at cost-effective prices, and have external functions to ward off pet droppings, food waste, and more. In the following moments, we’re going to be looking at how you can best care for an artificial grass lawn on your property. 


General Maintenance


One of the best strategies for upkeeping your artificial grass is by cleaning it once a week. At the most, you can trim it every fortnight at most. What’s the positive? The positive? Since you don’t have to mow the lawn or take out the weeds, this makes the level and length of maintenance much faster. By having an artificial grass lawn on your property, you can prevent spending so much time upkeeping the lawn allowing you to have more time for other tasks. 

Ways you can tidy up your lawn is by using a brush, a leaf blower, or a rake to remove any debris. For harder-to-remove items, such as branches and leaves you can simply use a leaf blower in order to keep your lawn crystal clear. If you’re looking to remove dust, you can also rinse out the grass using a hose. As a disclaimer, it is important to not use a household vacuum to remove debris from artificial grass. 



1.  Food Spills


One major benefit of using artificial grass on your lawn is that it's easy to remove food and drink spills. It’s quick and simple to remove the stain – you simply wipe away the residue and voila! You’ve got a clean lawn again.

For more tedious stains, you can simply scrub them off with a combination of gentle household cleaning products and water. If it’s sticky, you can simply freeze off the liquid with dry ice and then scrape it off. You can simply wash the artificial grass off with liquid to ensure you have a freshly clean lawn to call your own. 


2.  Mould


If you’re not able to clean up the food or pet waste, this can lead to the development of mould on your artificial grass lawn. To tidy up after the mould, you can use a combination of vinegar and water. After it has all been removed, you can simply rinse off the remnants using a hose. 

For extra care, you can add hydrogen peroxide to the problematic area. As a disclaimer, if there’s hydrogen left on the grass for way too long, this can lead to discoloration, so it’s important to be careful when handling hydrogen peroxide.


3.  Pet Droppings 


It’s hard to clean up after your furry friend. Artificial grass makes it all easier, as they don’t decompose as rapidly. The good thing is that your pet tends to poop in the same area, so you will only have to fix up after a minor part of your whole lawn. The best way to get rid of the droppings is to scoop up the excrement in a waste bag and hose down the area. If there is a smell that remains you can mix up vinegar and water concoction to make the lawn naturally fresh. Before purchasing an artificial grass lawn, it’s important to let our supplier know as they can add extra features that can work with your lifestyle.


At AMAX, we are intent on providing high-quality artificial grass lawns for your home or place of business. Whether you have food scraps, pet droppings, or have developed mould, you can guarantee this is the perfect solution to this. For a lawn that’s just on the greener side, feel free to contact our team to give you a yard that goes the extra mile.

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