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Why Commercial Synthetic Grass Is An Asset For Your Business

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

For business owners around the country that are looking for unique ways to add a little edge and ambience to their properties – commercial synthetic grass is undoubtedly a quick and effective option.

At Amax, we are passionate about providing industry-leading products at an affordable price. Our clients always come first, and we always ensure that we have a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to commercial synthetic grass. Regardless of the type of business you run, the benefits and utilities of a faux lawn installation are applicable and noticeable from day one!

This blog piece will target some of the reasons why investing in quality commercial synthetic grass is an asset for a variety of business types. We’ll also explore a few unique ways different businesses have utilised these products to increase their value.

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The Initial Benefits

Before we jump into the various ways different businesses utilise commercial synthetic grass installations, let’s look at the outset benefits.


One of the key benefits that can be derived from commercial synthetic grass is the reduction of cumbersome and often expensive maintenance fees. The reason for this is simple, it requires very little maintenance to maintain its stellar and naturalistic look.

With real lawns, there are costs associated with maintaining, watering, cutting and styling that are a consistent bother for many smaller businesses that cannot always afford them. Saving on or cutting these vital expenditures while still maintaining a glamorous-looking property is already a boost to the bottom line and an arguable asset for the business.


The evergreen nature of commercial synthetic grass speaks for itself. A business that has a beautiful and vibrant aesthetic associated with it will have onlookers feeling welcomed and can arguably bring more foot traffic into a business. Appearance is a vital aspect of any business – the impression left on clients and customers cannot be understated and the implementation of quality commercial synthetic grass assures this factor is fulfilled.

Durable & Reliable

At Amax, we ensure each and every blade of grass is durable, top-quality, and up to our high standard. As such, you can rest assured that any commercial synthetic grass installation you implement for your business will be long-lasting and maintain its incredible colour and look for years to come.

How Different Businesses Utilise Commercial Synthetic Grass

Gymnasiums & Sporting Fields

Training environments (both indoor and outdoor) are quickly taking up the opportunity to add a refreshing shade of colour to proceedings. Fake lawns are the perfect solution for gyms and training grounds that are looking to capitalise on a vivid look and consistent comfort.

Bars & Other Hospitality Venues

Whether it’s a beer garden that needs a little extra sprucing up or hotel grounds that could benefit from an evergreen aesthetic – commercial synthetic grass has businesses covered. We’re seeing a tremendous number of new venues that are saving on water usage and revitalising their overall look with some impressive results.

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it also presents new ideas for owners for adding new areas that are pet or child friendly.

Veterinary Clinics & Pet Care Facilities

Speaking of pets, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the incredibly enticing notion of commercial synthetic grass in its appeal for pet care and veterinary facilities. Having a carefree area for dogs to run around in cannot be recommended enough, especially if the business is in a location that is not agreeable to real turf.

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